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Ages: 8 - 18


Zone Nation’s Throwing Development Program is a continuous effort, with different programs and training options based on different times of the year. Our programming follows the seasonality of the sport, including summer, fall, winter and spring. All players get assessed and a training plan is implemented accordingly.

What are the components of a Zone Nation Throwing Program?


Movement and Physical Assessment

Video Analysis


Throwing Mechanics

Velocity/Throwing Program


Strength Training

Individualized Strength and Conditioning Program Velocity-Based Training (VBT) Force-Velocity Profiling

Movement and Physical Assessment – Athletes move in all three planes of motion so their program and assessment should reflect that. Physical limitations and imbalances, from a strength and mobility standpoint, can have profound effects on an athlete’s ability to perform at his max potential.

Video Analysis / Pitching Mechanics and Delivery – Every athlete is evaluated with a complete video analysis of their delivery.

We can then prescribe a set of throwing correctives to help address these specific disconnects:

Velocity/Throwing Program – This is specifically designed for overhead athletes whose main priority is to improve their throwing velocity. It is a 12-week program which combines strength training and throwing to help athletes improve their velocity. It is designed to build arm strength, durability and athleticism by gradually exposing your arm to the intensity levels that you will face while creating a higher velocity ceiling. The program is intended for physically mature high school athletes. It incorporates throwing correctives, precision long toss and weighted balls, along with specific warm-up and recovery protocols. It’s designed to be highly customized to the individual and progressive.

Strength and Conditioning Program – Our strength program is 100% designed around the athlete. It is highly customized for each athletes’ strengths and imbalances. It is the cornerstone of our programming and it is designed to go hand-in-hand with throwing development. The reality is that every athlete is different in every way and each needs a different approach to developing their strength and power. Our programming takes athletes out of their comfort zone and trains them in all three planes of motion.

Recovery – When talking about a complete or comprehensive training or throwing program, the conversation has to begin and end with “recovery”. Fatigue is the enemy of mechanics. In other words, when an area of the body is fatigued or sore, movement is compromised throughout the entire chain, causing a negative effect on bio-mechanics and increasing the risk of injury. Being that throwing is a repetitive movement, along with it comes the possibility of overuse injuries.

Active Recovery is an integral part of our programming. In addition, upon request (and subject to coach availability) our athletes can also take advantage of manual therapy. Most athletes need to work on soft tissue quality. After throwing, the posterior cuff can get tight causing the arm to lose as much as 10 degrees of IR. If soft tissue work is neglected this lack of mobility can become cumulative over the course of a season, greatly inhibiting the ability to decelerate or slow the arm down after ball release.

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